From the West Midlands rises the heavy-laced rock of HUMM. Clamouring from a dilapidated ruin, a bitter, straight-talking four-piece are purging dark thoughts on sin, lust and blurry-eyed adventure with an uncompromising English backdrop. Andy Teece (vocals/guitar), Ebony Clay (lead guitar), Jack Timmis (bassist) and Samuel Jenkins (drums) team up to play a caustic rock with a blunt honesty, weighty riffs and heavy rhythms. Gouging through the vinyl's of The Stranglers and Jack White to The Fall and Queens of the Stone Age, HUMM comes from a place of refinement and dignity, planted in English soil. Like the finest pipe tobacco mixed with vinegar dipped skin.”

Click above image to download the debut Sound-Hub single from Humm - 'Pummelling a Monk'